Description de l’appel

Programme : Grants for Scientific Research
Organisation : Fondation BIAL
Deadline : 31/08/2024
Deadline2 :
Type d'information : Financement
Type de programme : Financement de post-doctorat, Financement de thèse de doctorat, Prix et distinctions
Description courte : fields of Psychophysiology and Parapsychology covered by this Programme
(up to 60,000 EUR)
Description complète : With the aim of fostering research into the healthy human being, both from the physical and spiritual point of view and particularly in themes largely still unexplored but which warrant further and rigorous scientific analysis, BIAL Foundation opens a new call of its Grants Programme for Scientific Research with the following characteristics:

Scope and purpose - Only the fields of Psychophysiology and Parapsychology shall be covered by this Programme. The goals to be met by the applicants shall be set out by the Research Project under application.

Applications regarding the following projects will not be considered eligible:
a) Projects from Clinical or Experimental Models of Human Disease and Therapy;
b) Projects whose main scope is eating behaviour, sexual behaviour or physical exercise; 
c) Projects of fundamental neuroscience (cellular, molecular and biochemical mechanisms of brain functioning) that are not directly and unequivocally associated with a psychophysiological measure.
Financement : Approved applications shall benefit from grants with a total amount of up to €60.000 (sixty thousand euros). The specific amount shall be determined at BIAL Foundation’s sole discretion in accordance with the needs of the Research Project under application.
Zone géographique: Europe
Contact interne ULB : Pôle Santé
Research Office Campus Erasme Bâtiment Bucopa 1.141
Contact externe : BIAL Foundation
À Avenida da Siderurgia Nacional 4745-457 Coronado (S. Romão e S. Mamede) Portugal
+ 351 22 986 6150/00
Vous souhaitez recevoir de l’information destinée à quel type de profil : Chercheurs, Etudiants MA
Discipline(s) scientifique(s) de l’appel : Médecine, Neurosciences, Psychologie/ Sciences cognitives, Sciences biomédicales
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