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Programme : Infrastructures, territories, transport, energy, ecosystems and landscapes'' is launching a new call for research projects
Organisation : ITTECOP 2024
Deadline : 12/07/2024 - Full-proposal
Deadline2 :
Type d'information : Financement
Type de programme : Appels à projets de collaboration internationale
Description courte : The call for research proposals (APR) aims to support the ambitions of ITTECOP's partners, both public and private players in the infrastructure sector, to anticipate and support future decision-making needs in the face of global change and declining biodiversity. The projects supported by this call will be assessed on the basis of their willingness to present breakthrough concepts that are highly multi-disciplinary and involve conceptual risk-taking combined with scientific excellence.
Description complète : The projects supported aim to:
improve retrospective, present or prospective knowledge;
to produce a conceptual and methodological framework shared between researchers and operational actors;
integrate procedures from the life sciences, human and social sciences, and planning disciplines (architecture, urban planning, landscape design) into a coordinated approach.
ITTECOP Research Focuses
Since ITTECOP was created in 2008, it has supported 63 projects. Focusing on the relationship between landscapes, ecosystems and infrastructure, the funded projects fall under the following areas of research.
■ Regional planning
How are new landscaping constraints and land planning concerns integrated into regional projects? What are the consequences of technical and economic choices in a given physical, political and societal environment?Why and how should stakeholders be involved in drafting regional projects?
■ Ecosystems and landscapes
How do infrastructures have an interactive and retroactive effect on living spaces and natural environments? What conditions are necessary for viable interaction between areas affected by linear transport infrastructure, landscapes and ecosystems?How can infrastructure play a role in the ecological continuity of green and blue belts?
■ Prospective analyses and innovation
How can prospective analyses be used to help incorporate infrastructure into regions and assess its degree of reversibility? What is the future of areas affected by linear transport infrastructure given changing ecological, social and political contexts? How can areas affected by linear transport infrastructure adapt to increasingly important ecological constraints?
Critères d’admission/attribution : The present APR is open to all French research teams, whatever their institutional affiliation and status (public or private). They may be associated with international research teams. 

International teams may submit proposals under the following cumulative conditions:

they must involve at least one French research team;
have at least one research site in France ;
they must accept the OFB or FRB's subsidy terms and conditions.
To date, more than half the active ITTECOP projects are European or international consortia.

However, it's important to keep travel costs under control.

Previous example: The interconnect project was led by the Eifer Institute in Karlsruhe, in cooperation with ENGEES in Strasbourg. Please note: the language used for interim and final reports, as well as for project follow-up by administrative departments, is French. Other languages may be used within each project.

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Financement : The RPA has a budget of around €4 million. It aims to support around twenty research projects. The estimated funding amounts are consistent with the aim of supporting projects that include European partners or doctoral or post-doctoral students
From 10.000 € to 90.000€ per project

Pour postuler / aide du Département Recherche : Help from the call organisators : Exchange meeting: 14 May 2024 (registration)
Zone géographique: Europe - Afrique - Asie
Contact interne ULB : Sarah Di Giglio
Contact externe :
Vous souhaitez recevoir de l’information destinée à quel type de profil : Chercheurs
Discipline(s) scientifique(s) de l’appel : Agronomie, Biologie/ Bioingénieur, Environnement/ Aménagement du territoire/ Développement durable, Géographie, Géologie
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