Description de l’appel

Programme : NGCAT R&D call DEFRA (DEFense related Research Action)
Organisation : BELSPO
Deadline : 07/06/2024 - Deposit of the letter of intent
Deadline2 : 25/09/2024 - Full-proposal
Type d'information : Financement
Type de programme : Financement de post-doctorat, Financement de thèse de doctorat, Transfert technologique et valorisation de la recherche
Description courte : This is a thematic call for research and development proposals in the field of Next Generation Combat Air Technologies (NGCAT).

The R&D call encompasses 4 technology domains:

Structures and associated subsystems
Propulsion and accessories
Communication, Cyber, Avionics, embedded sensors and networks
Transversal Disruptive Enabling technologies
Description complète : For a complete description of the themes, please consult document NGCAT_Information_File_2024

The projects will have a duration of minimum 24 to maximum 30 months

For all themes, proposals must be submitted by a network composed of at least 4 partners bringing value to the project: - at least one research institute (public or private non-profit), - at least one innovative small private company, - at least one large or midsize private company. The total budget allocated to research entities and small private companies is at least 30% of the proposed project cost. Belgian Defence research institutes (Royal Military Academy (RMA), Military Hospital Queen Astrid (MHQA) and the Defence Laboratories (DLD)) can be a partner in the network. It is not mandatory to have one of these institutes as a partner. Their involvement will not impact the evaluation outcome positively or negatively (no bonus effect)

Critères d’admission/attribution : ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA

This call is open to Belgian entities from the public and private non-profit research sector as well as economic operators from the private sector. The following eligibility criteria apply for the project partners:
• from the public research sector: all Belgian universities, colleges of higher education, federal scientific institutions, defence research institutes and other public research institutes are eligible partners.
• from the private non-profit sector: entities must have relevant operational and/or research activities in Belgium. They must have legal personality and their registered office in Belgium.
• from the private sector: - have a legal personality and its registered office in Belgium. The legal personality is required when providing the extract of the UBO register with the submission of the Expression of Interest; - be actively engaged in relevant operational and/or research and development activities on the Belgian territory;
hold the intellectual property rights for the R&D activities they are engaged in. This criterion is to ensure that the applicant has the legal right and authority to use and valorise the research and innovations for commercial or non-commercial purposes; - have fulfilled its obligations to pay its taxes and social security contributions at the moment of signing the contract.

Financement : Taux de financement

For eligible project costs associated with fundamental research, all types of organizations—small enterprises, medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises, and Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs)—receive 100% state aid intensity.
For eligible project costs related to applied research (industrial research or experimental development up to Technology Readiness Level 6) that are conducted within the framework of an effective collaboration with at least one small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) and a research organization, the aid intensity varies:
Small enterprises receive 100%,
Medium-sized enterprises receive 90%,
Large enterprises receive 85%,
RTOs also receive 100%.
The project coordination costs incurred by the project coordinator, which arise from effective collaboration involving a minimum of four entities, are completely covered with a 100% aid intensity for all organization types.


Theme 1 - Structures and associated subsystems: This theme is capped at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6 with an indicative budget of 12 million euros.
Theme 2 - Propulsion and accessories: Also limited to a TRL of 6, this theme has an indicative budget of 6 million euros.
Theme 3 - Communication, cyber, avionics, embedded sensors and networks: With a TRL limit of 6, the budget set for this theme is 10 million euros.
Theme 4 - Transversal disruptive enabling technologies: This theme is slightly more advanced, with a TRL limit of 7 and an indicative budget of 8 million euros.
The total budget allocated for this call is 60 million euros, of which 36 million euros are earmarked specifically for these four themes. The remaining 24 million euros will be distributed across the themes based on the selection of projects. It is also possible for budget transfers between themes if necessary.
Applicants should note that there is no maximum budget set per project, but they are advised to consider the budget available for each theme when submitting their proposals. The number of projects funded per theme will depend on the evaluation of the proposals and their respective budget requests, aiming to finance several projects under each theme.
Furthermore, applicants must select one specific theme for their proposal submission and are not permitted to submit similar proposals under multiple themes.
Pour postuler / aide du Département Recherche : Pre-proposals and full proposals must be created, drawn up and submitted electronically via the online submission platform. Templates for pre-proposals and full proposals are included. Following evaluation of the pre-proposals, a maximum of five pre-proposals per theme will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Contact interne ULB : Deplus Kevin
Nom du second contact : Flore Keymeulen
Contact externe : DEFRA
Vous souhaitez recevoir de l’information destinée à quel type de profil : Chercheurs
Discipline(s) scientifique(s) de l’appel : Toutes les disciplines de Sciences exactes et appliquées
Documents :
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EvaluationMatrix_FullProposals NGCAT_EvaluationMatrix_FullPro.pdf
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FullProposal_template NGCAT_FullProposal_template.pdf
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