Description de l’appel

Programme : Scientific Awards AstraZeneca Foundation 2024
Organisation : F.R.S.-FNRS
Deadline : 10/06/2024
Deadline2 :
Type d'information : Financement
Type de programme : Prix et distinctions
Description courte : On the initiative of the AstraZeneca Foundation, the Fund for Scientific Research-FNRS and the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) will grant, in 2024, 3 Scientific Awards to researchers from postdoctoral level onwards who are affiliated to a Belgian university or a Belgian university hospital.

Description complète :
- These 3 Awards are granted on the initiative of the AstraZeneca Foundation.
- Amount : 25.000 €/Award. Half of the amount is allocated personally to the laureate, the other half is allocated to the laureate's laboratory.

- Reward established investigators on the basis of their previous work, with a perspective of future development in the same field.

One Award will be granted in each of the following topics:
- New advances in diagnosis/ treatment of monogenic rare diseases
- New multidisciplinary approaches to tackle the obesity pandemic
- Personalized medicine in cardiovascular diseases
Critères d’admission/attribution :
 - Candidates should be active in the above mentioned fields of research, with both ongoing work related to the focus of the Award and future prospects.
 - Candidates must be individual scientist from postdoctoral level onwards who are affiliated to a Belgian university or a Belgian university hospital at the deadline of the call.
 - Candidates must have held a research position in Belgium for at least five years (in a consecutive or cumulated period). 
- Candidates must have obtained their first PhD degree maximum 15 years before the date of the submission deadline (possibly extended in case of eligible career breaks).
- Candidates may not have received an Award for the work submitted with the same amount (or higher) in the last 3 years (at the deadline of the call).
- Candidates can only apply to one AstraZeneca Award per call. 
- Personnel of the AstraZeneca Foundation or affiliated to the AstraZeneca Foundation are not eligible for the Awards.
Pour postuler / aide du Département Recherche :
Applications, written in English, must be sent electronically to on June 10th, 2024 at the latest.
The requested documents are :

- The application form pertaining to the Award you wish to apply to (see below), duly completed and signed.
- A detailled curriculum vitae.
- A complete list of publications.
Contact interne ULB :
La nature de cet appel ne nécessite pas de suivi particulier par le Département Recherche. Vous êtes donc invité(e) à répondre directement à l’appel en suivant la procédure indiquée. En cas de doute concernant la gestion de la propriété intellectuelle, veuillez contacter M. Di Stefano ( Pour toute autre question, veuillez contacter Mme Greindl (

This call does not require any particular assistance from the Research Administration Department. Please kindly follow the mentioned instructions. Should you have any questions regarding intellectual property rights, please contact Mr Di Stefano ( For any other questions, you may contact Ms Greindl (
Contact externe :
Vous souhaitez recevoir de l’information destinée à quel type de profil : Chercheurs
Discipline(s) scientifique(s) de l’appel : Toutes les disciplines de Sciences exactes et appliquées, Toutes les disciplines de Sciences humaines et sociales, Toutes les disciplines de Sciences de la vie
Documents :
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Obesity_Regulations AstraZeneca_2024_obesity_fnrs_.pdf
Obesity_Form AstraZeneca_2024_obesity_fnrs_.docx
Rare diseases_Regulations AstraZeneca_2024_rare_diseases.docx
Rare Diseases_Form AstraZeneca_2024_rare_diseases.docx
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