Blended, reconstituted and step-families

Abstract : Our society is characterized by a constant increase in what's known as the family composition. The latter is constituted by the made that an individual living in torque, and having possibly breeds with its partner of children that they rise together, separated from this partner, and then formed another couple with another partner. It is strictly speaking the formation of this new couple which constitutes the family composition. The children of the first torque are generally high, both by the former partner, parent of the child, but by the members of the new couple, so also by the new partner, non-parent of the child. This situation induces emotional relations, but also economic and legal between the bel-child if the new torque itself also has children, or that the new partner has retained for the children of a previous union, then these children come into contact, personally, but also economically and legally. What are these legal relationships born from this sociological developments that we would like to explore by els phd students. The amplitude of the redialing believes in effect more and more, both in its importance (more and more people reconstructed a family or are children of family recomposed), that in its speed (the life of a torque decreases).
Promoteur/Supervisor : Prof. VAN GYSEL Alain-Charles
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