Influence, lobbying, soft power, civil society, social media, European perceptions of China

Abstract : The key questions for the actions of influence and lobbying are credibility and efficiency. On one hand, policies on those questions are difficult to evaluate; on the other hand, strongly linked to values, the relationship between the results and the means used to achieve this is often complex and uncertain.Indicators are lacking even with digital tools such as social media. In this context, the methods of lobbying used to conduct a policy of influence in Brussels are considered as a model. We then examine the knowledge, methods and procedures of communication to do lobbying in the European institutions and we propose indicators to evaluate actions The first step in the research is to make observations on the effectiveness and credibility on the actions of civil society in the framework of European institutions. For that, cooperation with several European NOG’s will give access to a collection of interviews, events, campaigns, etc. Beside that, the soft power of China can be seen as influence strategy. Due to the cultural and political particularities of the country, the question of reception by Europeans is important to examine.
Promoteur/Supervisor : Prof. Arifon Olivier
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Site Web/Web site :
Centre de recherche/Research center : ReSIC
Faculté/Faculty : Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres/Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Ecole doctorale/Graduate Colleges : Information et communication/Information and Communication
Ecole doctorale thématique/Graduate School (French Only): Sciences de l'information et de la communication

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