Characterisation of the Group A Streptococcus M-like Protein, Mrp, and its role in virulence

Abstract : Group A streptococcus (GAS) infections, particularly rheumatic heart disease and invasive infection, are responsible for more than half a million deaths worldwide per year. With no effective control strategies available, a GAS vaccine is urgently needed. Based upon current understanding, the most promising vaccines are strain-specific (emm-type specific). However, the development of a global GAS vaccine is hindered by the large number of circulating emm-types especially in low income settings where serious GAS disease is most common. Combined with the M protein, the M-like proteins (Mrp and Enn) may overcome the poor immunogenicity of the current vaccine candidates against specific groups of streptococcal strains that are associated with high disease burden in low-income settings. However the role of these two proteins in virulence is poorly characterized. The main objective of this work is to elicit the role in virulence of the M-like proteins, focusing on Mrp and to study their potential use as a complementary antigen for efficient vaccine formulations in low-income settings.
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