Spatio-temporal dynamics of A + B -> C reactions in the presence of natural convection

Abstract : If a reactive system is not well stirred, the production rate varies locally and the concentration and/or temperature distribution can be inhomogeneous. The resulting spatial gradients will lead to diffusive and convective processes within the reactive solution that can affect the spatio-temporal dynamics of the system. In particular, if the solution is open to the air, the gradients of concentration and temperature can result in gradients of surface tension that can initiate surface-driven flows, so-called Marangoni flows. The objective is to predict numerically the spatio-temporal distribution of concentrations and temperature that result from the interplay between reaction, diffusion, and Marangoni convection. We will study the dynamics when the species have different diffusion coefficients and therefore play a different role on the transport scales. The theoretical results will be compared to experimental data available in the literature or obtained in the lab of our collaborators.
Promoteur/Supervisor : Prof. Rongy Laurence
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Centre de recherche/Research center : Non Linear Physical Chemistry Unit (NLPC)
Faculté/Faculty : Faculty of Sciences/Faculté des Sciences
Ecole doctorale/Graduate Colleges : Science/Sciences
Ecole doctorale thématique/Graduate School (French Only): Phénomènes non-linéaires, systèmes complexes et mécanique statistique

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