Public space and its use for communication, mainly re-appropriations by end-users of public space as an implicit political answer to public policy.

Abstract : My research career started with an interest in the social constructions of national identities and boundaries in diverse contexts such as tourism, European identity construction and urban environment. Since my post-doctorate about the impact of cultural policy on local cultural identities in the context of the European Capital of Culture in Liverpool in 2008, I am interested in the social construction of cultural space in public space. I focus on the conflicts that arise with regard to the use of urban public space as a result of local authorities’ cultural policies. I am a specialist of cognitive maps. I apply this multi-disciplinary method to create qualitative ways for measuring policy impacts in public space. The above research also links with my former research focussed on tourism as a means of poverty alleviation, because tourism has also a great impact on public space. I am particularly interested in the gaps between official discourse about the impacts of tourism and local realities. I am a social anthropologist by training and I am used to work in multi-disciplinary environments.
Promoteur/Supervisor : Prof. LASK Tomke
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Faculté/Faculty : Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesFaculté de Philosophie et Lettres
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