history and theory of performance, theatre studies, cultural studies, rehearsal studies, ritual and performance

Abstract : Possible lines of research: intercultural artistic processes, intercultural theatre and performance, postdramatic theatre as a globalized phenomenon, (ethnographic) analysis of rehearsal processes (rehearsal studies), colonial and postcolonial performance, the performance of postnational identity, performance in urban environments, artistic research as en emerging discipline, performance and the (post)colonial body, performance and new media, immersion as an artistic strategy, etc.
Promoteur/Supervisor : Prof. Vanhaesebrouck Karel
Email : karel.vanhaesebrouck@ulb.ac.be
Site Web/Web site : spectviv.ulb.ac.be
Centre de recherche/Research center :
Faculté/Faculty : Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres/Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Ecole doctorale/Graduate Colleges : Arts et sciences de l'art/Arts and the Science of Art
Ecole doctorale thématique/Graduate School (French Only): Art et sciences de l art

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