Infrared imaging for the diagnostics of cancer in tissue sections

Abstract : Infrared imaging for the diagnostics of cancer in tissue sections Our laboratory is performing intense research at the border between biophysics and medical research. We are a group of ca 40 researchers involved in protein research with an emphasis on membrane protein structure and function. We also apply infrared spectroscopy on cells and tissues to unravel the complexity of living systems. Recently, arrays of detectors sensitive in the mid-infrared (4000-800 cm-1) became available, opening the possibility to record infrared images through a microscope where each pixel of the image is a full infrared spectrum. This spectrum contains a wealth of information about the biochemical nature of the cells and thereby about their nature. Identifying cancer cells, cancer cell grade, and the various parameters of cancer environments is now becoming possible without staining and without antibodies. Hundreds of “markers” are immediately available in the infrared spectrum. With the help of pathologists we are building database of spectra and images of cancer microtome sections. Changes as subtle as these found in the extracellular matrix, possibly related to cancer progression, could be imaged and different types of lymphocytes infiltrating the tumor could be identified More publication, see Sort for gooormaghtigh for the topic described above
Promoteur/Supervisor : Prof. Goormaghtigh Erik
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Centre de recherche/Research center : Center for Structural Biology and Bioinformatics
Faculté/Faculty : Faculty of Sciences/Faculté des Sciences
Ecole doctorale/Graduate Colleges : Science/Sciences
Ecole doctorale thématique/Graduate School (French Only): Structure et fonction des macromolécules biologiques, bioinformatique et modélisation (SFMBBM)

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