Reactivity of hydraulic materials and incorporation of secondary materials

Abstract : Study of the development of hydrates in modified cement mixes. Correlation between the chemistry and the functional properties (mechanical properties, resistance to the penetration of water). The modifications are due to the addition of secondary materials (slags, dusts, ceramics...) or of additives to confer specific properties such as bulk water proofing.
Promoteur/Supervisor : Prof. Delplancke Marie-Paule
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Centre de recherche/Research center : 4MAT
Faculté/Faculty : Faculté des Sciences appliquées - école polytechnique/Brussels School of Engineering (Faculty of Applied Sciences)
Ecole doctorale/Graduate Colleges : Sciences de l'ingénieur/Engineering
Ecole doctorale thématique/Graduate School (French Only): Sciences et ingénierie des matériaux, interfaces et nanostructures (MAIN)

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